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Fees for business

type of service

fee excl. VAT

fee incl. VAT

official fees

Work permit


Work permit (without the Starost's recommendation)


Renewal of a work permit


Declaration on entrusting the performance of work


Starost's recommendation


Residence permit in connection with business activities


Temporary residence and work permit of an employee


Temporary residence permit for an employee's family member *

100 z​ł

100 zł

50 zł

30 zł

0 zł

357 zł

457 zł

357 zł

800 z​ł

700 z​ł

650 z​ł

300 z​ł

300 z​ł

2,000 z​ł

1,500 z​ł

1,000 z​ł

984 z​ł

861 z​ł

800 z​ł

369 z​ł

369 z​ł

2,460 z​ł

1,845 z​ł

1,230 z​ł

* if the application for a foreigner's family is submitted along with the application for the foreigner

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