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  • Łukasz Woźniakowski - Financial expert. Mortgage advice and research for foreigners who are permanent residence card holders and also legally employed in Poland. Free of charge. +48 503 073 300

Opinie naszych klientów:

Mrs. Woźniakowska worked with ISD Trade sp.z o.o. sp. k. for 10 years. At that time, she dealt with the legalisation of the stay and work of all our employees, from the board through directors to employees of various specialties, as well as their family members. Currently, almost all of them already have Polish citizenship. It was very important for our collaboration that she carried out the commissioned cases in a reliable and timely manner, as well as her commitment and ability to find solutions in sometimes very complicated situations. It is worth emphasising that during this time there was no situation where work or residence permit was not obtained. The additional advantages of hers are kindness, flexibility and a positive attitude. Given many years of business relations, we can fully recommend the services of Mrs. Woźniakowska to any potential clients.

ISD Trade sp. z o.o. sp.k.

We would like to express our satisfaction in the collaboration with Mrs. Izabela Woźniakowska, who has been dealing with the legalization of stay and work of our employees since 2015. Iza's undoubted advantages are professionalism, reliability and timeliness. She carried out undertaken responsibilities with great diligence and full commitment. The high effectiveness of her actions deserves to be emphasised, none of our employees have encountered a negative legalisation decision. We also appreciate the flexibility and openness of Mrs. Woźniakowska to our needs, we could always count on her support and advice. In addition, she is a friendly and communicative person, which makes working with her easy-going.

We are fully satisfied with our business relations and we can recommend Izabela Woźniakowska as a reliable partner and trustworthy person.

Egovita sp. z o.o. 


Above all a very nice woman. She explains everything, exactly what and how. She gives different solutions with full background. She's been making documents for me for 10 years. There were never any problems, everything was perfect. Now she is preparing documents for citizenship and thanks to her attention it turned out that I have to wait only two years and not three! Professionalism at the highest level. A trustworthy person!

Olha from Ukraine



I can't read Polish well and all documentation is a nightmare for me and I don't have time. She has been making documents for me for years. I trust only her in these matters, she never let me down.

Always everything on time

Ihor from Ukraine


I make the applications myself, but I recommended Iza to my friend. He was very pleased. As far as I know, he recommended it to his friends.

Khrystyna from Ukraine

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mrs. Isabela for legal assistance in representing my family's interests in legalising my stay. Ms. Isabela has vast experience and knowledge in this field, which allowed us to solve all problems within minimum time. It should be noted that she is not only a professionalist but also a nice, communicative person whose goal is to achieve maximum results. We are pleased with long-term collaboration.

Valerii from Ukraine

Thank you Iza for making residence cards for myself and my family. Everything went quickly and without problems. Our colleagues have been waiting for the residence card for a year and we have received it within 5 months period.

Oleksandr from Ukraine

I used to make documents myself, and now I was afraid because my friends got refused. It's not that easy now. I used the help of Mrs. Izabela and I am very pleased. She is a very nice person and knows all about these regulations.

Nataliia from Ukraine

Mrs. Iza helped me a lot. I met with her to learn how to get my daughter to Poland. In the conversation it turned out that I submitted the wrong documents to the office in my case. She explained everything to me and we corrected these documents. I also submitted documents for my daughter.

Alex from Belarus

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